Come and explore Woodofa as a brand from the inside! This video will help you understand the process and our way of working. From a cold house to a dream home, we have got you covered.

The leading architecture and interior design company, Woodofa, was founded by Mr. Ravi Jain and is currently operated and managed by the CEO, Shashank Jain and the COO, Arpit.

Woodofa has come a long way over the years and doesn’t outsource anything – from kitchen solutions to plywood to furniture. It is a proud in-house producer, giving the company an edge over its competitors, as it provides one-stop solutions to the clients.  

We believe in taking the complete ownership of design and build. Whether it’s a plot or an apartment we take care of everything from civil structure, POP, Electrical, Plumbing, Wood Work, Furniture, Paint, Furniture, Soft furnishings etc..

Watch the video to learn more about the work ethic, brand vision and customer service at Woodofa. 


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