Are you an inspired executive, entrepreneur, innovator, or visionary who wants to use your career or business as a vehicle to change the world?

This time Shashank is in conversation with Holly Woods. She is based out of San Francisco, USA, and brings 30 years of consulting and coaching experience. She has earned her Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Development. She is certified as an Integral Master Coach®, Purpose Guide® and Stages of Consciousness Developmental practitioner.

What will you learn from this show :
1. You can see the blind-spots that keep you from a happy life.
2. Unleash your true genius and true purpose of life.
3. Design your homes and offices with a purpose.
4. Ignore the traditional rules of interior design and instead let your inner self shine as the theme of your room.

The question you should ask yourself?

1. Have you had so many careers (and have so many talents) you can’t make sense of it all to focus on a project or business that has meaning and impact?
2. Are you a successful professional who hasn’t found meaning or purpose at work and wants to transition into something that matters to you?

Stay tuned for the live event on *7 August 2020, Friday at 9:30 PM IST* and 9 AM PST. 

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