Client: Mr. Shwetank
Location: Alpha1, Greater Noida
Size of the home: Duplex House
Interior Designer: Sameer
Project Manager: Prem and Krishna

After spending close to 30 years in UAE, Shwetank and his parents came back to India. All they were looking is a similar feel and enticing experience as Saudi Home. This was a old duplex villa constructed by Shwetank’s father back in 1990’s.

Our brief was to do interiors of the old house and convert this place from house to Home.

In the initial discussion, woodofa team understood the concept and expectations.

We started presentation with Traditional and Contemporary themes and after few minutes we all were comfirmed that traditional fused with some modern elements for Shwetank and her sister was the need.

With a plan and determination, team woodofa turned the house into a cozy, aesthetical home filled with beautiful lighting decor and wide optimizing space.

Sameer was the designer leading this from the design team and Krishna was taking care of onsite executions as project manager Kudos !


Woodofa is a new age interior design, furniture & decor company, which helps you to design and build your empty home to a fantastic and lively abode within an affordable cost. After understanding your requirements, they provide the perfect design ideas in the very first attempt, leaving no gap for rework.
Shashank & Arpit co-founded Woodofa in the year 2013.

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