Welcome to the Fourth Episode of our show: #AskAnything​ from Shashank. We are happy and excited to bring you a direct and live way of answering your questions by Shashank.

This is always an unedited version and a true self of Shashank. The Idea is to answer 3/4 questions in every episode. The format is simple – YOU ASK, SHASHANK will ANSWER.

Questions need to be related to the Architectural & Interiors of the House/Office.

1. What is the cost of bedroom renovation ? By Arushi Singhal
2. Where do I stack my extra pillows in night? By Aruha Shan
3. Is Dressor necessary inside the bedroom ? By Geetika Arora
4. Can i do my bedroom design myself ? Do i need to take up a interior course ? By Ravneet Jain

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