Client: Mrs. Lavi & Mr. Sandeep Agarwal

Location: Sarita Vihar, Delhi
Size of the home: 2 BHK + Dining/Lobby + Living Room

Interior Designer: Sameer, Shashank Jain
Project Manager: Prem Sirohi, Krishna, Arpit Jain

While the Internet is full of pooja room designs, the results are a scattered lot. Fortunately for you, we have put in a lot of thought behind narrowing down all the designs, so we did. Here is a glimpse of the temple interior we did for our clients, who were looking forward to beautifully designed and well-executed decor for their Mandir at home.
The couple always wanted a personal space for their Lord Krishna at home, so we separated the mandir from Livingroom with a foldable gate design while we assured the living room doesn’t look smaller in size.
Check out the video for a complete design.

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