Everyone wishes to decorate their house and make it into a home sweet home of their own. But if you have a rented apartment, there are a few restrictions as it is not designed according to your will and have limitations pressed by the owner as well. But that will not be a problem anymore as Woodofa Co-founder Mr. Shashank Jain is here with amazing tips and methods to decorate your rented apartment and make it beautiful, comfortable and according to your own taste. From using a few texture elements like paints for your walls to placing photo frames of your family, friends, adding lighting features like lampshades, fairy lights to using upholsteries like colorful rugs, curtains, and cushion, you can find the most practical and elegant ideas which can make your house look attractive and classy. So get ready to improvise your rented house and make it your own!


Woodofa is a new age interior design, furniture & decor company, which helps you to design and build your empty home to a fantastic and lively abode within an affordable cost. After understanding your requirements, they provide the perfect design ideas in the very first attempt, leaving no gap for rework.
Shashank & Arpit co-founded Woodofa in the year 2013.

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